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EduCampChch 2012: Burnside High School, Saturday 23rd June 2012

Here's the Link

9.30am start - Coffee from 9.00am - Shared Lunch Finish 3pm

But the chat and networking can continue!!

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For more details Please email Pauline Grogan-Henderson
English Department
Burnside High School

EduCampChristchurch 2012: Friday 22nd June 2012,

What is an Educamp? Check out what's happened at previous events around NZ!
"EducampNZ is a user-generated 'unconference' focused on e-learning and education, and we're all about growing your learning, networking, and of course having fun! Everyone is invited to participate in some way..."

Eat Meet Greet - add your name if you are joining us for the - Pre unconference dinner - Friday 22nd June 2012,
7pm at La Porchetta, Cranford Street.

Where When Coffee? Directions to the Coffee,
We will be meeting in the staff room.Drive in the main
Entrance off Greers Road,curved, white concrete walls.
Park in this main carpark.Grey Admin block is on right.
Look for staff room door and signs, balloons, etc


Plunger coffee will be available from 9am onwards - gold coin koha applies.

What sort of things will be shared?

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Attendees 2012
I am interested in
My Blog, Wiki, Twitter, preferred contact
Pauline Henderson
High School
BYOD, Google Docs,Wikis,Twitter,Blended Learning
@PaulineHendog he@burnside.school.nz
Anne Kenneally
St Mary's Mosgiel
BYOD, Personalised Learning Spaces, Blended Learning,
Differentiated learning, e-portfolios
@annekenn http://annekcam.blogspot.co.nz/ http://stmarys-room6.blogspot.co.nz/
Judy McKenzie
Reefton Area School
BYOD, e-portfolios, meeting twitter friends!
@judykmck judymckenzie@ras.school.nzhttp://openthedoortob4.blogspot.co.nz/
Amanda Signal
Summerland Primary, Auckland
Mobile Learning - iPads/iPods/BYOD/? what does this look like and how is it supported?, Thinking, Sharing student learning, Negotiated learning,
Home-school Partnerships and more :)
@heymilly http://heymilly.blogspot.com and http://bit.ly/2012r8
Matt Maude
Blended Learning, Networked Learning, BYOD, Google Docs, ePortfolios, Moodle, YouTube, Lunch
Matt's BLP Journey @mistermaudeNZ,
Claire Buist
St Clair School
vlogging, leading staff change, introducing subtly BYOD, CAFE, etc, etc... And, like Judy, meeting tweeps! :)
@MsBeenz The Neinsteins
Alice Irvine
Darfield Primary
Ultranet, blogging, skype, google-docs, personalised learning
Room 9 Darfield Primary

Chris Heenan
Blended learning,instructional design
Carol Kendall
Springston School
Southbridge School
Natcoll's NET Programme
Authentic learning/authentic audiences, inquiry, information literacy, BYOD, tools to support learning, using iPads etc as creative tools, Google Docs, classroom/student blogging, meeting Tweeps.
Springston School Library Blog and Website
Springston School News Blog
Maree Crosby
West Melton School
Personalised learning, early years & technology, collaborative learning, social media, e-portfolios
@mareec mareec@westmelton.school.nz
Angela Jones
South Hornby School
Class blogs, e-learning, ICT to support literacy and numeracy programmes
@AngelaJones jonesa@southhornby.school.nz
Renée Fountain
University Laval
Web 2.0+ Collective Intelligence, open content creation, youth engagement for social change
Pauline Jansen
Roydvale School
Personalised learning and it to support differentiation in the classroom, using ipads
Vicki Oliver
I am interested in exel and ways of helping unengaged students learn with the use of e-learning, in particular numeracy and literacy.
Annette Ward
Russley School
Google apps for education, iPad management in PC environment, sharing e-learning tools that engage kids and their teachers. School website tools: is anyone using WordPress?
Chris Eccersall-Panther
Clarkville Primary School
Web 2.0, BYOD, Class blogs, iPad and iPod fleet management
Allana Taylor
Springston School
Mobile learning - BYOD, managable e-portfolios for Year 4 kids, creative iPad apps & use of Google Docs, inspiring kids
Martin Kane
Craighead Diocesan School
BYOD, iOS in education at secondarylevels.
Aimee Stewart
Rolleston School
Google docs, ipads and other mobile devices, supporting staff with the technology
Sarah Webster
Clarkville Primary School
BYOD, IPads for juniors and class blogs
Caroline Bush
St Mary's Ellerslie, Ak
Meeting new and current tweeps, Anything Google or Apple, cool presentations, blended e-learning
@CaroBush carolinebush70@gmail.com
Pene Abbie
byod iPads
Stephanie Thompson
Tawa Intermediate
Blogging, augmented reality, videomaking.
stephanie.thompson@tawaint.school.nz @traintheteacher
Arnika Brown
Mt Somers Springburn School
1:1 laptop programmes, iPads, supporting staff with technology, Using Microsoft Office to its full potential
Denise Johnson
Southbridge School
creative uses of ipads, KnowledgeNET, web 2.0 tools
Diane Atkins
Linwood College
Authentic learning/authentic audiences, inquiry,information literacy, BYOD, tools to support using ipads as creative tools, Google Docs mmeting Tweeps
Brian Hutching
Linwood College

Michelle Hemmingson
Linwood College
MyPortfolio, Google docs, international inquiry partnerships, blended learning, using ipads in clasroom, BYOD, Twitter, Moodle, differentiated learning, Skype, international social network sites, Delicious, Voice Thread,

Sarah Dwan
Villa Maria College
BYOD, Blended Learning, Ultranet
Coralie Stopford
Blended eLearning design, tools, implementation and sustainability.
Trish Patten
Oaklands School
BYOD-mobile learning particularly using ipod touches and ipads, eportfolios using blogger, Google apps for Education, web 2.0 tools. Authentic use of ICTs to enhance personalised learning.
Gerard MacManus
St Bede's College
BYOD, Blended learning, LMS, MLE

Jacquie Kidd
Paparoa Street School
BYOD. I Pads for Juniors,Class blogs/ wiki, google apps
Pete Wilson
Shirley Boys'
eLearning strategies
Suzie Vesper
Digi Advisor
Anything and everything :-)
suzievesper@gmail.com Coming after lunch

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