educampNZ digtial badges
Digital badges are evidenced-based certification of learning that can link to digital portfolios of ongoing professional learning. Gaining momentum globally, digital badges recognise both formal and informal learning and provide a visual learning pathway. There are many different levels of badges including badges for attendance at events such as EduCampNZ.
Badges are stored in a digital back-pack and can be displayed across your digital portfolios and online communities. The data, or evidence attached to the badge, is accessible from wherever the badge is displayed.
How to claim an EduCampNZ digital badge
  1. Participate in an EduCampNZ event
  2. Go to
    • log-in or register for an account
    • locate the EducampNZ Badge
    • confirm you attended and award yourself the badge
      You can add notes to the badge if you want to add a hyperlink to a reflection, tweets or even record what sessions you attended. To do this once the badge has been awarded select
  • select Manage Badge,
  • select the EducampNZ badge,
  • select Manage Badge,
  • select Notes then enter in the details you wish to attach to the badge.
Thanks to the team at Core Education for supporting digital badges for educampNZ events.Event organisers - please contact Anne Kenneally if you would like a customised badge for your event.