Date: SATURDAY 8th NOVEMBER Venue: RUSSELL STREET SCHOOL, PALMERSTON NORTH Time: 9am-3pmAn opportunity to connect with other educators from the Lower North Island, grow your network and hear some stories from other teachers.
FREE professional learning at it's best!

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Preferred Contact
Bede Gilmore
Leadership, MLEs, google apps, personalising learning/self directed learning
Troy Duckworth
Writing for Boys, Minecraft in the Classroom, Developing Learner Agency
Roger Keedle
MLE/MLP, google apps, Maker/Tech/3d printing
Nic Mason
Supporting learner agency, creativity, music, google, apps, writing!
Regan Orr
MLEs, 3D printing, Leadership, most things
Elly Warnock
Learner Agency, MLE, Leadership
Nick Wilson
GAFE, Design thinking, Self directed learning, Maker spaces, Coding, Music
Ebony Maaka
Learner Dispositions (Student Agency), Reading/Maths Curriculum in an MLE
Lisa Cuff
MLE, leadership, literacy, personalising learning
Angela Armstrong-Lush
MLE, Self directed learning, leadership

Liam Rutherford
MLE Journey, Existing Classroom spaces, Student Agency
Becky Thackwell
MLE, Self Directed Learning, Differentiated Learning.

Mandy Veza
Writing for Boys, Minecraft in the classroom, Literacy, personalising learning

Ana Matangi
MLE, Leadership, eLearning, learner agency, GAFE, flipped classrooms
Wendy Macaskill
Role of library in MLE, Digital Literacy
Kerri Satherley
MLE, Learner agency (throughout the levels)
Myles Webb
Julia Bevin
Google Classroom, MLE, curriculum design, personalised learning, leadership
Susan Thompson
MLE, Learner agency (throughout the levels)
Audrey Larsen
Leadership, SDL (apologies but unable to attend now...have a great day!)
James Arnold
MLE, self-directed learning, writing for boys, eLearning, Google classroom
Christine Braid
Differentiated teaching, literacy, children's literature, science, teacher ed
Matt Ives
Connected learning, design thinking, rewindable learning, holistic learning
Drew Pouniu
MLE, SDL, student planners, breakouts / workshops
Tash Whitta
MLE, SDL, making the 'switch' manageable, workshops, GAFE, leadership
Anna Tate
MLE, self directed learning/personalised learning, literacy

Warrick Price
MLEs, Learner agency, Leadership
Lis Marrow
MLE's, literacy, the library as collaborator
Nick Rodgers
Science, Self directed learning, Maker/tech

Karen Walker
GAFE, MLE, student agency, Differentiated learning, curriculum leadership

Shinade Kelly
Writing, apps/websites, brain breaks, positive behaviour management strategies

Simon Marshall
MLEs, Leadership, Learner agency, Maker tech and 3D printing.
Judie Keane
Minecraft(or similar)in literacy, Developing Learner Agency,MLE creativity

Jared Bron
MLE's, Student planners, SDL, Literacy,
Reece Hawkins
MLE, learner agency, personalising learning, GAFE, Leadership

Rhys Lobb
MLE, Self directed learning, Music, Apps/websites, google classroom
Sarah Bond
MLE, Self- Directed learning,leadership,Google Docs,literacy,the Arts

Vicki Hagenaars
numeracy, self directed learning and student agency, teachers as learners
Kyle Harris
MLE, Self Directed learning, Google Doc, Leadership
Imogen Smith
MLE, Self Directed Learning, Numeracy

Renee Strawbridge
Cool ways to use Chrome Books, Music Learning, Inquiry, Art
Bridget Higson
The way forward in education,numeracy
Sonya Speedy

Tineke Hill

Steve Katene

Vanessa Rankin
Self learning, Literacy, Digital Literacy

Philippa Nicoll Antipas
Design Thinking, future-focused pedagogy
Karen Wilson
GAFE, Edmodo, MLE, memory/study skills, online essay writing, presentation tools, coding?
Mary Culling

Jess Brett
MLE , self directed learning, integration of ICT

Nina Hornell
MLE, self directed learning
Jo Beauchamp

Kate Hurrell
MLE, Personalising learning

Marty Richter
MLE, Self directed learning, numeracy

Yvette Hardaker
MLE, Future focussed pedagogy, Leadership, Writing,
Robin Baker
Junior Agency, Literacy, Personalised Learning

Natalie Pouniu
SDL, E-Learning, MLE, writing - especially in the junior classrooms (Y1-3)
Nathaniel Louwrens
MLP, inquiry, e-learning, blended learning, anything and everything!
Amanda Dennison
MLE, Digital Literacy, Learner Agency, Google

Katie Gordon
MLE, Digital Literacy, Learner Agency, Google

Kristen Hollier
MLE, Digital Literacy, Learner Agency, Google

John Smith
MLE, Digital Literacy, Learner Agency, Google, Feedback

Sarah Blewitt
MLE, Digital Literacy, Learner Agency, Google

Anna Christiansen
MLE, Junior Agency, Literacy, Personalised Learning, Maths ... everything

Paula Hay
Science, SOLO
Leonie Bennett
MLE, digital literacy,general eg Minecraft, Jnr coding, ipad apps for Jnrs etc
Tracey-Lynne Cody
MLE, Arts as Inquiry, Learner agency, integrated curriculum, creativity, pedagogy, thinking skills

Fiona Rossiter
MLE, Digital literacy, e-learning, maths, personalised learning
Mary Holder
MLE, Digital Literacy, Learner Agency, Google, Leadership

Miriam Tuohy
Libraries, Multi-literacies,reading, CPD for staff, inquiry
Tara Bignold
MLE, Digital literacy, e-learning, maths, personalised learning

Chris Symon
Agency, Digital technology (E integrated into lEarning) writing and numeracy
Jessica Lynch
Agency, MLE, scaffolding, creativity, SDL
Beth McAsey
MLE, Junior Agency, self directed learning, creativity

James Rea
Agency, Network Infrastructure, 1:1, Coding,
Nikki Harland
MLE, leading change twowards MLE, child agency in juniors

Steven Poelman
Peer learning, Science, Future focused pedagogy, Comprehension

Innes Kennard
Literacy. Learning and iPADdling about
Carolyn Dodd
Junior Agency
Lisa Bengtsson
Encouraging play at all levels, everything else

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Troy Duckworth
Sharing our MLE Journey at RSS(4Ts, 120 Students, Existing Classroom spaces, Student Agency)
Nic Mason
Writing, writer's notebooks, workshops.
Lisa Cuff
MLE - Leading school wide change in the direction of MLE - discussion facilitation/taking you on our journey
Nick Wilson
Moonshots & design thinking in education

Wendy Macaskill
What is the role of the library in the MLE
Christine Braid
sharing ideas about using children's lit, finding and following links to use for advancing reading and writing
Nic Mason
Joining twitter - how and why? Kidsedchatnz

Renee Strawbridge
Explicitly teaching reading comprehension strategies and the progression you might follow across the different year levels.
Ana Matangi
GAFE, MLE (incl learner agency supported by curriculum integration - models of inquiry etc.) (prefer to facilitate/initiate sharing rather than present)
Karen Wilson
Lucha Libro and a collaborative discussion about the creative writing process and transition to secondary (NOTE only one idea to share and leading discussion)
Drew Pouniu
Beginners guide to Google drive & apps in the classroom. Using blogger for student efolio.
Matt Ives and Lisa Bengsston
The MLE journey from the POV of staff "in the trenches" ~ lessons learned, bumps in the road, and where we're currently at at Amesbury School.
Karen Wilson
From Research to Race: Inspiring new uses of presentation tools
Miriam Tuohy
Roll-your-own PD - for individuals, for groups. Badges for learning.
Chris Symon
Junior ALC - Agency in a Single Space Place. Integrating the E into lEarning.
Ebony Maaka
Developing Learner Dispositions, motivating and engaging children to develop the ability to act!
Innes Kennard
The Literacy Rotation - starting the revolution. A facilitated sharing session on the uses of the ipad in literacy
Carolyn Dodd
New Entrant Agency: Dipping My Toes In - with a focus on my maths programme.
I'll share my setup (on location in my actual classroom), how it has gone so far, what's worked etc - then lets talk!