uLearn13 Breakout Five: 10 Oct 2013 at 13:45 to 15:00

Claudelands Event Centre, Arena Lounge
Anne Kenneally and Fiona Grant
Short Abstract
Educamps are a phenoma that is taking the world by storm and over the past three years this concept has really gained momentum and traction in New Zealand. The beauty of an unconference is that it is participant driven with the wisdom being within the participants gathered. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly and all are encouraged to participate or contribute within their comfort zone. The day is usually structured around a start off smackdown where participants share a current success or passion within a 2 minute time frame. From this sharing participants are able to identify who to network with or collaborate with, and who to seek expertise from. Following the Smackdown a rough outline of discussion groups is drawn up, from a post-it wall of those wishing to share, and those wanting answers.

This session will cater for the needs of all because the range of needs within the room determines how the sessions are run. Whether you want to refine your thinking and challenge your learning journey with mobile devices, modern learning spaces, e-literacy tools, inquiry learning, CAFÉ, daily five or differentiated learning, an unconference is the place for you!

Generally 3 rotations are possible but sessions are not restricted in any way. Participants are encouraged to roam between sessions. If a need is met, or you find yourself in the wrong discussion for right now you are free to move.

The collaboration of the day is shared on a google doc or form and contribution is welcomed face-to-face and online. This rewindable, sharable resource carries on growing…

Come along to experience the true MAGIC of an unconference.

We will share a range of ways of encouraging participation and collaboration. We will experience a World Café session enabling us to all benefit form the wisdom in the room.
What better chance to transform your learning and refine your thinking at Ulearn than to actively participate in our first ever unconference! See you there!

Contribute notes from today's unConference to this shared Google Doc