Why archive your event page
Every #educampNZ event generates a rich archive of digital content from shared Google docs, slideshows and images to Twitter Storifys and embedded content on the event's wiki page. Also the record of event participants contribute to networking well after the event is over.

When you have confirmed your next event would you please consider archiving the content from your event page before updating it. I have managed to recover most of the past event details from the wiki and have created a new page, named it with the event name and year and then added a link to it from the main event page.
Check out examples of archived pages on these event pages:
Steps for archiving your event page
  1. Edit your event home page and select WikiText Editor from the drop down menu(see image left)
  2. Copy all the WikiText
  3. Close page without making any changes
  4. Create a new page for your past event
  5. Name your page with your educamp event and the year of the page you are archiving eg: Rotorua2015
  6. Select WikiText Editor and paste the wikitext you copied from your event home page
  7. Update your event home page with your new event and include a link to your archived page
Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 9.44.12 pm.png
Please email Fiona if you need any help archiving your event wiki pages