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EduCampChch 2013: Saturday 22nd JuneBurnside High School 9am - 1.30pmUPDATE ON WEATHER CHANGESUPDATED NEWS
But the networking and chat can continue over lunch at a nearby venue. Misceos, cnr ILam and Clyde Road. Fill in your name on the list.Link below.

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Lunch ListShared notes for the day and into the future...

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Interested in

Pauline Henderson
Burnside High School
BYOD, iPads, mLearning @PaulineHendog
Ti Kouka-Directions for Learning
Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks
Anne Kenneally
CORE Education
literacy, e-literacy, mobile learning, ubiquity, MLE, SAMR, digital literacy,
Jennie Lyall
Weedons Primary
literacy, blogging, e-learning, iPads, anything and everything!
Judy McKenzie
(weather permitting)
Reefton Area School
ipads, portfolios, etc etc
Matt Maude
Darfield High
BYOD, digital classes, google, mobile learning
Bridget Compton-Moen
Selwyn House
digital class, blogging, GAFE
Jill Pears
Selwyn House
BYOD, coding for kids, mobile devices, GAFE, blogging, 4Cs
Sarah Dwan
Villa Maria College
MLE, Ultranet - anything and everything!
Nicki Tempero
Halswell School
ipads, literacy, MLE..........
Laura Cary
Selwyn House
iPads. Learning Support.
Gerard MacManus
St Bede's College
chromebooks, BYOD, MLE, Digital Technologies

Karen Townsend
Halswell School
Lisa Dovey
Halswell School
google, MLE BYOD
Jacqualene Maindonald
Teacher dashboard, dropbox, more google docs, ade, digital collaboration in the class
Ruth Davey
Darfield High
BYOD, Google docs, iPads, e-learning, Digital Technologies
Martin Kane
Craighead Diocesan
Secondary use of iPads - fully BYOD in 2014
Teri Aylward
Kim van Vuuren
Cashmere High School
Everything - I went for first time in Dec last year...WOW!!
Barrie Matthews
Science, Integrated Studies, Blended e-Learning, BYOD, Tablets, digital classes
Tibor Toth
Middleton Grange
Everything/Anything. Moodle, tablets, e-learning
Beckenham School
I am interested in all things ipad and ipod touch to support numeracy, literacy and music for Junior Children Y 1 - 3.
Emma Davison
Burnside High School
iPads and google docs
Gilly Macbeth
Beckenham School
anything & everything
Philippa Wareing
Beckenham School
anything and everything
Margaret Guerin
St Thomas of Canterbury College
anything and everything

Kath Roach
St Albans Catholic
ipads and elearning ultranet
Chris Punnett
St Thomas of Canterbury
Karen Wheeler
Hornby High School
Nicola Smith-Palmer
Banks Ave
iPads and anything
Allana Taylor
iPads, improving writing through blogs, collaboration, google docs etc
Justine Hughes
Henderson Int, Auck
All things Google, sharing MyChatPak/MyVcv, Blogging, Online Literature Circles.

Stephanie Glubb
Selwyn House School
BYOD and digital blogging

Carol Kendall
Springston School
Creative learning with iPads.
BYOD with younger students.
Minecraft in NZ primary schools.
How people are using gaming or gamification in their classrooms.
Collaborative writing using Google Docs.
Exciting learning happening in primary school libraries - games and activities that teach information literacy and library skills.
P4C (Philosophy for Children).
Robotics in the classroom (other than FLL or RoboCup competitions)
Springston Minecrafters Blog
Springston School News Blog
Springston School Library Blog and Springston Library Website

Angeline Dew
Cashmere High School
Interactive whiteboard information would be great!

Iva Hamilton
Chisnallwood Intermediate
Blogs, MLE, 21st Learners, Blended Learning, eLearning Framework,
GAFE, iPad,

Annie Lee
Halswell School
Blogs, iPad for Juniors, MLE, anything new