Saturday 16th May 201410am - 2pm
hosted by@mrehu
@Juliet_Revell @stevekatene @rohanpearse

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Maraenui, Napier

EducampHB is based on the OpenSpace meeting format. It is "a user-generated 'unconference' focused on e-learning and education.We're all about growing our learning, networking, and, of course, having fun! Everyone is invited to participate in some way."
@steve_katene will have the welcoming party out!

If you're on Twitter or Facebook please share your joy-ness by using #educampHB

EducampHB Smackdown Google Presentation

We would love see you at EducampHB. A basic outline of the format of the day follows. Once we begin we'll be directed by the thoughts and inspiration of the group. All we ask is that come prepared to listen, share and learn together. None of us are experts but we look forward to the collected wisdom of the group being shared!

The Agenda

  • Opening conversation - an opportunity to talk and meet one another
  • e-Learning Smackdown - a smorgasbord of wonderful ideas and resources contributed by the attendees. Add your ideas anytime before and during the event.
  • EducampHB Google Doc - Share links, notes, questions, ideas and resources.
  • Group discussion - Larger topics or themes tend to bubble to the surface and we will invite everyone to participate.

Educamp Hawkes Bay Google Form responses

If you're on Twitter or Facebook please share your joy-ness by using #educampHB
I am interested in ...
Contact details (email, twitter, blog, wiki)

Leonie Bennett
all ideas, ipad use in the classroom
@leonie_hastings twitter, Facebook Leonie Bennett

Beverley West
wikis, blogs, motivating scared teachers
@kaikora Twitter, bwest@hastings-central.school.nz

Yvonne Lovelock
technology for alternative learners

Annemarie Hyde
Twitter, blogs, Minecraft, getting us all online, google apps
@mrs_hyde, ahyde@mokoia.school.nz, skype:rotoruahydes

Cathie Stenhouse
blogs , minecraft, creative apps
cathiesten@hotmail.com @StenhouseCathie

Bev Purdie
Minecraft; ipad use for at risk learners; blogs; LEARNZ

Annette Denton
iPad use with teaching in the classroomand all the above.

Brendon White
talking to the master
@MatuaWhite; principal@porritt.school.nz

Tony Parker

tony@porritt.school.nz @TP4730

Rana Fesili
Ideas for juniors, tablet ideas

Sonya Aifai

Sam Hocking
e-learning leadership, future thinking,
@samhocking1 sam@twyford.school.nz

Ingrid Meulenbrugge
all iPad ideas, google issues with iPads,
@ingridmeu ingrid@mahora.school.nz

Annette Geddis
Ideas for juniors, i-pads

Leanne Griffin
ipads, edmodo, minecraft.
leanne@lrb.co.nz @teachleanne

Alex Le Long
BYOD, 21stCentEd, motivating Tchrs to use technology
-no fear, making more High School tchrs come to edcamp
alelong@whhs.school.nz www.evolutionandimagination.blogspot.co.nz

Helen Jackson
Listening and sharing

Leah Wilson
anything and everything for a new teacher

James Van den Broek
IT in High School, edmodo, everything google!

Frances O Donnell
Minecraft, Gaming, BYOD, Blogging, iPads, Google Apps

Tanya Greig
Chromebooks, edmodo, special needs
Tanya@sitech.co.nz @sitechtan

Renee Ford
iPads, Google Drive
r.ford@hcs.school.nz @NaeFord

Carol Walsh
Anything and everything for a new teacher
c.walsh@hcs.school.nz @carwash04

Kath Jackson

k.jackson@hcs.school.nz @chriskath828

Sam Whyte
Anything and everything for a new teacher
s.whyte@hcs.school.nz @whyte2201

Leigh Hynes
Google, ipads, flipping, eportfolios and everything LwDT
lhynes@waikato.ac.nz @leighhynes

Jo Oxley
Ipads (for juniors), Apple TV, blogs

Leah Wilkins
Listening and sharing

Nelson Park Team of 12
Listening and Sharing

Gina Rehu
iPads, apps, listening

Catherine Duncan

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