EduCampChch2.0 2012:Riccarton High School,Saturday 1 December 2012

9.30am start - Coffee from 9.00am
Lunch on site
Finish around 3pm
But the chat and networking can continue!!

Hello All So Fantastic to see so many people have signed up. There will be so much knowledge in the room to be shared. Just a few last minute details:

*Venue*- We are at the Riccarton Community library which is on the Main South Road.

Please park on the road NOT the carpark. Please walk around the side of the library to the school entry side. follow the drive along the right hand end of the library. Entrance is on the field side... Walk past the statue...

map for educamp.JPG2006-UR-DSC02130.jpg

This is a fantastic space. We have two big rooms and some smaller spaces. We may even sit outside. (bring your cardi - remember the ChCh easterly)

Cost - Gold coin for Koha

Wireless* - Free wireless -Thanks to ChCh City Libraries

*Shared Food * - Following on from the great organisation of Padcamp ChCh

if you are travelling from outside Canterbury, please bring some lollies, from Canterbury Country, something for morning tea and from Christchurch , something for lunch

*Smackdown and Shared Notes*

You may want to add a link or some notes to the smackdown presentation so we can share resources/ideas. As we go through the day feel free to keep adding to the shared google doc.

*Twitter* - #educampchch2 - share the day via Twitter

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Checked out the Shared Notes from the #educampchch to get a feel for the sharing of the day..

For more details Please email Pauline Grogan-Henderson
English Department
Burnside High School

or Paula Eskett
Riccarton High School

or Anne Kenneally

What is an Educamp? Check out what's happened at previous events around NZ!

"EducampNZ is a user-generated 'unconference' focused on e-learning and education, and we're all about growing your learning, networking, and of course having fun! Everyone is invited to participate in some way..."

Plunger coffee will be available from 9am onwards - gold coin koha applies.

What sort of things will be shared?

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Shared Notes - check out the inaugural educampchch shared notes to get an idea!

Shared Notes educampchch2 please add to this shared google doc throughout the day to record the sharing of the day.